Pretty Postal is 3 Canadian snail mail lovers who want to share the joy of beautiful mail with the world! Want to join our next swap? Join our (e-)mailing list.

Marisa Edghill is a Canadian craft designer, author and the former shopgirl behind 

Marisa is known for her work with washi tapekirigami paper craft, pretty snail mail and for being a champion pinner. 
Her craft books have been published in eight languages - though she can't read most of them!

Born in Barbados, raised in Canada, married to a Brazilian and in love with Japan, Marisa lives and works in a big ol' converted apple basket factory on the outskirts of Toronto.

Find Marisa on Instagram @omiyage_ca

Ashley Johnson has been an avid Snail Mailer for as long as she can remember. Communicating with those she loves by sending beautiful mail brings her infinite joy. She is a lover of good coffee, vintage typewriters and stamps, and a huge fan of colour and pattern. When she’s not drinking a latté at her community garden plot, you can find her bouncing around Vancouver doing all that running her budding business, The Anthropology Of Giving, requires, having conversations with the neighbourhood dogs, leaving gifts at random people’s doors, and spending time with her two nephews and two nieces who she completely adores. Radtasic is currently her favourite word, and she believes there can never be enough pom poms in the world.

 To follow her adventures in more detail you can find her on instagram @theanthropologyofgiving & @ash_is_magical

Andrea Raymond loves snail mail and stationery - she's been writing a letter a day since 2014. Co-founder of the Toronto-based stationery subscription, Q&A Letterbox, Andrea is always on the lookout for pretty paper. A blogger for 8 Balloons, she loves sharing her paper inspiration and interviewing stationery designers and makers. Andrea also collaborates on Happy Mail Hop, a fun Instagram-based project that's all about linking snail mailers and sharing creativity.

Connect with Andrea on Instagram @dreyray