Looking for a little inspiration for your Tropical Mail?

Think about your dream beach vacation. How could you turn that paradise into pretty mail?
Maybe you've always wanted to go rainforest trekking. Lush greenery and exotic animals would make for some gorgeous mail art!
Or perhaps a trip to your local botanical garden fills your mind with creative ideas.

We love to see all sorts of interpretations of each Pretty Postal theme and can't wait to see what your idea of tropical is!

What do we think of when we hear "Tropical"?

  • Hibiscus, Birds of Paradise and Frangipani blooms
  • Palm trees waving in the breeze
  • Flamingos, toucans and macaws cackling away (wait - do flamingos cackle?)
  • Watching the sun set with an icy adult beverage in hand - think pina coladas, banana daiquiris and mai tais
  • Vibrant colours and patterns
  • Bananas, pineapples and coconuts aplenty