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Kitchen Table Mail

Hello again friends!

As the nights grown longer (and colder) here in the North, we find ourselves lingering in the warmth of the kitchen. Stirring this, stewing that, sipping on a hot cuppa. In this peaceful moment, before the season's feasts pick up speed and we find ourselves pulled every which way, why not pause and join us in telling kitchen table tales?

Food connects, nourishes and delights us all. Smells, tastes and traditions intertwine with memory in such a way that a single bite can send us hurtling back to reconnect with our 6 year old selves. (Is this where I admit that nothing reminds me more of my grandmother than a can of Zoodles? Oh and a classic Sunday roast - but you're more likely to encounter that cheerful blue can while strolling the supermarket aisles than roast beef and popovers! Spotting that blue can always makes me smile! ~ Marisa)

Won't you invite us to join you at your kitchen table for a cup of tea and a tale? Tell us the story of your grandmother's signature dish or your quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, or even the time the turkey caught on fire!*

For this simple yet thoughtful swap, we're inviting you to exchange mail with a single partner. Create beautiful, thoughtful mail based around the theme of food. And yes, holiday food tales and traditions are absolutely welcome but not required!

As we are coming up on the busiest mail season, we will be doing our best to match each participant with a partner from the same country or region to prevent major mail delays.

*Okay, you caught us, that's a scene from the Santa Clause... but maybe it happened to you too?

Want to know more?

  • This swap is only open to individuals who have previously completed a Pretty Postal swap or had joined our mailing list prior to 11/11/19.
  • Each participant will be paired with one person. As we are asking you to be thoughtful at a hectic time of year, we want to ensure that each participant sends and receives one really great piece of mail!
  • Tell a food story through a piece of mail - this challenge is about both visuals and words. Create cohesive and thoughtful mail to share with your partner. 
  • Make or decorate a creative envelope based on your story.
  • Make your mail extra-special using beautiful lettering, hand drawn details, stamps, patterned paper, washi tape, paint… anything goes!
  • Inside your envelope, get creative! Make sure to tell your food story, but it's up to you how you do it. You could write it in a letter, craft a handmade card or make a visual representation of the different ingredients. We're really excited to see all the different creative ways stories can be told.
  • Include a little goodie (or two) with your note. Not sure what to include?  Perhaps you have a recipe to share, a small sweet treat, or some food-themed ephemera you'd like to send your partner.
  • This swap is all about getting creative and challenging yourself! While exchanging “stuff” is nice, the focus of Pretty Postal Swaps is to create beautiful and unique mail art. We are more interested in seeing decorative envelopes and creative contents than big gift parcels.
  • It’s free to join!
  • Please tag #prettypostalswap when sharing images on social media. Sneak peeks are fine, but please don't spoil the surprise by posting images of your mail before your partner receives it.

Dates, Deadlines & Important Details

  • Sign up now! Sign ups are open until Friday, November 22, 2019.
  • You will receive your partner assignments by Monday, November 25, 2019.
  • Mail must be sent by Friday, December 6, 2019.
  • Partners will be assigned randomly. We cannot accommodate specific partner requests.
  • The Kitchen Table Mail Swap is only open to previous Pretty Postal swappers and individuals who joined our mailing list prior to 11/11/19.
  • This is a one-time swap. Participating in The Monochromatic Mail Swap does not automatically enrol you in any future swaps.

How do I sign up?

Have you completed a previous PP swap? 

If not, we're sorry but you will not be able to join this swap. We invite you to join us in 2020 for our next open swap.

If yes...

Email prettypostalswaps@gmail.com with the following information:

Email address:
Postal address:
Instagram handle:
Have you completed a previous PP swap?