April is National Letter Writing Month, and whether or not you're taking part in Write_on Campaign this year, we think it's a fabulous time to send someone a note in the mail. (I mean who doesn't need some cheering up these days?) But if your local post office is shut down or you're nervous about sending mail right now, that doesn't mean you can't take part in this month's challenge.

Dust off your stamp collection, this month we want to celebrate the art of postage stamps!

Show us the loveliest stamps in your collection. Create a beautiful piece of mail inspired by a stamp, a card that looks like a stamp or even a piece of art that uses vintage stamps! Maybe you've always wanted to design your own stamp... here's a nudge to give that a try. (nudge)

No matter whether you're sending mail, creating art or simply sharing images of your stamp collection, we do hope you'll join us for this month's theme. 

So how does this whole monthly mail challenge thing work?

It's quite simple really. We'll reveal a theme and if it inspires you, you'll create pretty mail based on that theme. Mail it off to someone you know then post images of your pretty mail on Instagram using the tag #prettypostal. (Sorry, we won't be assigning partners this month!)

By taking part in our monthly mail challenges, you'll connect with people both on and offline, get inspired, try new things and spread good cheer. We'll share #prettypostal images we love through our Instagram feed and stories. See you there!