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August's Theme is a Scream!

While we may be known to indulge in a little ice cream no matter the season, there's just something so inherently summery about an icy cold treat - bonus points if it's direct from the neighborhood ice cream truck or a walk-up window! 

If it's August, (and oh shoot, would you look at that? It is!), we'll be doing our best to soak up as much summer sweetness as possible before the cold weather returns - lake dips and road trips, juicy peaches and toasty s'mores, and yes, as much icy goodness as we can stomach.

So with that in mind and, if we're being honest, taking into account the potential cuteness factor, we thought Ice Cream would be a dream theme for August! And not to worry if you don't like ice cream, or if ice cream doesn't like you, we're equal opportunity dessert-ists and all sweet treats are welcome! If you're more of a fan of flan, or jam is your jam, or you can't get enough of popsicles, your sweet tooth is welcome here.

This month we're inviting you to create cute and colourful mail based on the Ice Cream (etc) theme. We can't wait to see what you dream up! Don't forget to share over on Instagram with the tag #prettypostal

So how does this whole monthly mail challenge thing work? 

It's quite simple really. We'll reveal a theme and if it inspires you, you'll create pretty mail based on that theme. Mail it off to someone you know then post images of your pretty mail on Instagram using the tag #prettypostal.

By taking part in our monthly mail challenges, you'll connect with people both on and offline, get inspired, try new things and spread good cheer. We'll share #prettypostal images we love through our Instagram feed and stories. See you there!