There's just something about good old fashioned snail mail. In an era of go-go-go and digital everything, to actually sit down with your thoughts and take the time to write someone a letter is a really lovely thing. It's made even more special when you add a dash of colour and creativity to that outgoing mail.

In 2020, a year that is so clearly from the future and yet here we are, finding a piece of actual mail in your mailbox (you know, one that's not a bill or a KFC flyer) is quite rare outside of the snail mail community. So in 2020, let's try to change that. Let's send beautiful mail to people we love and brighten mailboxes and days one envelope at a time!

This year, to help you spread cheer both on and offline, Pretty Postal will be sharing monthly mail themes. On the first Monday* of each month, we'll reveal a new theme and challenge you to create pretty mail based on that theme. Share your mail on Instagram with the #prettypostal tag and see how others interpreted the theme. It's a lovely creative challenge for the year with low stakes - take part every month or only in ones which inspire you, create a single piece of mail for the month or a big pile, try new things or stick to what you love.

Want to take part but don't have anyone you really want to send mail to? We'll take partner requests from the first 24 (or so) people who email us with their addresses each month. Please note that we won't be able to take specific location requests, we will be assigning partners based on when emails arrive. If you do not hear back from us, this means that we do not have a partner for you.

But wait - what about swaps? Don't worry, we'll be hosting two or three swaps over the course of the year.

We hope you'll join us for a year of lovely mail adventures!



*Or the Tuesday following the first Monday, if the first Monday is a holiday. We do love our holidays!